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The English Times is an independent net magazine designed to help you improve your personal, social, and business English.

To make reading easier, Oxford English and Talking Technologies have included on-line meaning, pronunciation, and grammar help in pop-ups. If you do not know how pop-ups work, use the help link on this page.

It's been created to add enjoyment to the business of learning English, and support any personal, internet, or company training programme. If you're interested, you'll learn.

We're not a daily newspaper, so things that happened last night won't be here. But we do have a wide range of topics so that, whatever your interest, you'll find interesting things to read.


Please take a minute to register as an interested reader of The English Times, using the register link on this page. Although The English Times is free, it's still very important for us to know how many people read it, and what they like or dislike about it. If you want to cancel your registration later, simply send an email.

Remember, The English Times exists on the internet, for everyone, and is not sent to you as an email or a document. However, if you choose to register, you may receive a few short reminders about new and interesting changes. We won't give your email address, or sell it, to other companies, so you will not be sent extra unwanted emails.

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The English Times
An independent educational internet magazine to help you learn English

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