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The English Times is an independent net magazine designed to help you improve your personal, social, and business English.

It's not a daily newspaper, so things that happened last night won't be here. But we do have a wide range of topics so that, whatever your interest, you'll find interesting things to read.

Unlike a paper magazine, it does not have a new issue every month. Instead, it changes whenever we find interesting articles that use English as it is used by people who live and work in England. So, because some pages may change tomorrow, there's a good reason to open The English Times often.

The pages may express some lifestyle views and values which are different from your own. Remember, they have been chosen to represent world news and help you to learn English, and do not necessarily represent the ideas, thoughts, or feelings of anyone connected with The English Times.

Although the editors have different backgrounds, lifestyles, professions, and interests, a magazine needs contact with its readers. So please email us with your comments and ideas.

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The English Times
An independent educational internet magazine to help you learn English

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