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The English Times is an independent net magazine designed to help you improve your personal, social, and business English.

To make reading easier, Oxford English and Talking Technologies have included on-line meaning, pronunciation, and grammar help in pop-ups. If you do not know how pop-ups work, use the help link on this page.

It's been created to add enjoyment to the business of learning English, and support any personal, internet, or company training programme. If you're interested, you'll learn.

We're not a daily newspaper, so things that happened last night won't be here. But we do have a wide range of topics so that, whatever your interest, you'll find interesting things to read.


Although the page content is checked carefully, it is quite impossible for us to be sure that every detail is correct. So no responsibility can be accepted for any omissions or mistakes, or damage or loss resulting from them. By accepting the magazine, you have agreed to accept it as you find it, and that any disputes will be resolved under English law, in England.


It is quite impossible for us to check every advertised product or service. So no responsibility can be accepted for any omissions or mistakes, or damage or loss resulting from them. By accepting the magazine, you have agreed to accept it as you find it, and that any disputes will be resolved under English law, in England. If you feel any advert misrepresents a product or service, please tell us, but also contact the organisation or company.


The pages may express some lifestyle views and values which are different from your own. Remember, they have been chosen to represent world news and help you to learn English, and do not necessarily represent the ideas, thoughts, or feelings of anyone connected with The English Times.


The English Times only exists on the internet, as englishtimes.net. It is not part of, nor belongs to, any other magazine, newspaper, or newsletter which contains the word ‘times’ in its name.


The English Times is owned by Talking Technologies International Limited, a privately owned limited company, specialising in speech technologies, interface design, data presentation, and internet realisation.

The English Times is produced by Talking Technologies and Oxford English. Oxford English is the English Language Development Programme, an independent non profit-making organisation guided by a charter of declarations and an Academic Advisory Council drawn from Universities both in Britain and abroad.

The ELDP organises Research Teaching Projects and provides English Language Courses. The ELDP is associated with European and International University Project Groups, and was accredited by The University of Oxford Local Examination Delegacy in 1976, and now stands alone as the Euroversity Facility. It provides professional development programmes for universities, corporations, and professional organisations within the European Community.

Oxford English is not a college, a school, or a university, but a professional development programme; a service available to all types of organisation. It operates as an educational non profit making trust and is seeking incorporation under that identity.


Please take a minute to register as an interested reader of The English Times, using the register link on this page. Although The English Times is free, it's still very important for us to know how many people read it, and what they like or dislike about it. If you want to cancel your registration later, simply send an email.

When you click the button to send the registration form to us, your internet browser uses your email program to transfer your details, exactly as you wrote them on the form, to our special mail box.

Remember, The English Times exists on the internet, for everyone, and is not sent to you as an email or a document. However, if you choose to register, you may receive a few short reminders about new and interesting changes. We won't give your email address, or sell it, to other companies, so you will not be sent extra unwanted emails.

Information you choose to give us is regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998. We don't give it, or sell it, to other companies.


The English Times, Talking Technologies, Oxford English, The English Language Development Programme, The Oxford Learning English Modules, The Centre For Advanced Studies, The Euroversity, and their variants, are proprietary names. The product, content, and services use, and work with, information and technologies from a number of companies, whose copyright is acknowledged and respected.


A lot of expertise goes into creating the The English Times pages. As with all original material, they are protected by copyright, so please respect our commitment to you and keep them for your personal use.

Copyright and Permission: Talking Technologies 2002

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